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iAmerica – The Pocket Guide to Presidential Hist

Category: Education
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Introducing iAmerica, the most comprehensive portable A to Z reference guide to the Presidents of the United States available. It is American history at your fingertips! iAmerica is our free companion version to give a great sampling of what you will find in iUSA. iUSA gives you full access to all aspects of America; her history, people and government.iAmerica serves as an excellent K-12 academic supplement for students, parents and teachers. iAmerica contains an extensive library of high-quality content with over 1800 meticulously hand-assembled entries. This unique guide utilizes authoritative text and images from the White House. We have made Presidential history interactive! Each summary contains dozens of Wikipedia entries providing tremendous subject coverage into the places, events and the individuals that helped to shape this nation. iAmerica will engage and enrich all ages, citizen and non-citizen alike, into the forging of this nation.
(Please Note: 17+ rating required as iAmerica allows internet access) iUSA (FULL VERSION) INCLUDES ALL OF THE FOLLOWINGU.S. HISTORY (no internet connection required except for online entries)• Over 100,000 words of content• Over 5000 hand-assembled entries (4000+ Wikipedia references, 1500+ Government entries)• U.S. States• U.S. Presidents• White House History• Capitol History• Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, Electoral College, the Constitution & Election processes explainedAnd more… SENATE•Origins & Development of the U.S. Senate•Senate Chronology•Powers and Procedures•How the Legislative Process works•Committee System explained•Majority & Minority Leaders & Party Whips explained•The Capitol Visitor Center GuideAnd more…HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES•History of the House•Congressional profiles•Members FAQ•Leadership profiles•Committee DirectoryAnd more…ONLINE CONTENT The WHITE HOUSE•Daily updates, Blog, Briefing Room, Actions, Issues, Initiatives, Speeches, ContactsAnd more… FEDERAL DEPARTMENTS & SERVICES •125+ entries to the best Federal Government sites for students, parents & teachers •800+ links to Federal Departments & Agencies•Leading Govt. Social Sites•Worldwide U.S. diplomatic contacts & key overseas traveler services•Emergency 24/7 govt. contact infoSENATE•Virtual Reference Desk•Organization Chart•Statistic & Lists•Bibliography•Glossary•Legislation & Recent Activity•National Archives 100 Milestone Documents of U.S. DemocracyAnd more…HOUSE•CongressLink – Today’s Congress•How our laws are made •Legislative Archive•Making of the U.S. Constitution•Annals of Congress 1789-1824•A Century of Lawmaking 1774-1875 •House Library•Reference Desk•Library of Congress•Teacher Resources•“Kids in the House”And more…GET INVOLVED!•Write the President & Staff•Write your Senator•Write your Representative•Govt. 2.0 new media & blogs•Learn about & join public service organizationsGENERAL•Presidential Libraries•Complete CIA FactBook•Access to laws and codes•Government Job & Citizen Services•Business & Non-Profit Services•Index of State, Local & Tribal Government sites•US Visitor Information Center•Historia, geografía y cultura en los Estados Unidos•Wikipedia Top 50+ U.S. Lists & Timelines•Access to every major U.S. Document from the 18th – 21st century Plus many exciting, new features in upcoming editions!Download our free companion app – Public Speech Note: The use of the Great Seal of the United States and other government materials and images are not intended to convey the impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States.

Website: http://www.usainteractive.net
Support Website: http://www.usainteractive.net

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