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Web Monitor

Category: Business
Price: $4.99

Web Monitor enables you to monitor the status of your websites, making sure that they are up and running as you expect. You can monitor any number of websites and, uniquely, any number of pages and ports on those sites. Everything is wrapped in a gorgeous user interface, and under the hood Web Monitor uses all the latest iPhone 3.0 technologies, such as Core Data.Features:Supported protocols: Ping (ICMP) HTTP HTTPS FTP• Rapid testing of multiple sites and services• Automatic or manual refresh• Configurable alert sounds• Filter results to only show sites with error or warnings• Username & password authentication support.• Optional redirection handling – either follow redirects, or treat a redirect as an error• Specify the path, for monitoring of specific pages• Specify the port number for non-standard ports• Add any number of services for each site, with any combination of protocols, ports and paths• Disable specific services, and reenable them at any time, without having to reconfigure them from scratch.• Simple and intuitive interface reports errors or warnings using clear ‘traffic light’ symbols• View your website directly from within the app, no need to launch Safari• CoreData backing store, for performance and security• Lightning fast load and refresh timesNote: this application requires iPhone OS 3.0 and an active network connectionPlease Note: this application does not contain any adult themes or material. It does, however, allow access to any Web site, and therefore must be rated 17+ under the App Store policy.

Website: http://www.applitecture.com/Applitecture/Web_Monitor.html
Support Website: http://www.applitecture.com/Applitecture/Web_Monitor.html

Download from AppStore: here

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