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Travel Alarm

Category: Business
Price: $1.99

Travel Alarmby SavysodaSleep soundly during everyday commute and NEVER miss your stop again! (bus / train)♨ HOT NEW APP ♨➂ iPhone OS 3.0 EXCLUSIVE ➂This application is great for people who travel on public transport. You can now take a nap or read a book; on the train or bus; and be sure you won’t miss your stop!Travel Alarm will detect when your approaching your stop using the GPS locator and wake you up through a audio alert and a vibration.FEATURES:★ Easy to use, setup takes 10 seconds★ Works anywhere in the world★ Looks fantastic★ Stores all your stops, so in future just start the app★ Works on cars, buses, trains, trams, planes, taxisThis app is essential for frequent travellers, commuters, and users of mass transit systems. Save up to hours of effective time during travel to work or study each day! More stress saving apps:http://www.savysoda.com

Website: http://www.savysoda.com
Support Website: http://www.savysoda.com

Download from AppStore: here

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