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Super Trumps Trains

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After the success of our game “Super Trumps” (cars) we present to you bypopular request our new Go Fish game “Super Trumps Trains”!
You’ll receive 2 applications within one app!!!Big and beautiful images of all 32 highspeed trains in landscape mode and the Go Fish game:Our Super Trumps application is the modern conversion of the classical card game “Go Fish” (in other countries also known as Quartett, Megatrumpf, Happy Families, Jeu de familles, Gioco delle famiglie or Authors).The 32 cards with modern highscpeed trains are shuffled and evenly shared between the player and the iPhone. The player choose the value of one category of the displayed card and the value is compared with the same value of the card which the iPhone is holding. Who has the higher value wins the trick and the winner has the turn with the next card of the stack.The game is ending when one player has lost all the cards or the timer of 10 minutes expires.Although it’s a simple game
– everybody knows from childhood
– Super Trumps offers long entertainment and highly motivation!Features:Gamble against the iPhone with at all 32 top highspeed trains from all over the world like ICE, TGV, Transrapid oder Shinkansen.Big and beautiful images of all 32 trainsCombos: Extra points for more than one trick in a rowGlobal high-score list: Compete against other Super Trumps gamblers worldwideUpcoming update:Multiplayer mode with peer-to-peerThe game is available completely in English.Also available in German/Deutsch/Österreich/Schweiz: Supertrumpf TrainsIf you have suggestions for enhancing our “Super Trumps Trains” or if you have questions about the application, feel free to contact us via email: iphone@derheckser.de.Further applications brought 2U by der.heckser:
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– Name Day and Name Day Lite calendar
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Website: http://iphone.derheckser.com/
Support Website: http://iphone.derheckser.com/

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