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SAGA Catapult Lite

Category: Games
Price: Free

SAGA Catapult Lite is an epic action tactical shooter that requires razor-sharp nerves and lightning-fast decisions.You are a catapult operator, the last outpost standing between the townsfolk and a murderous horde of enemies. Destroy the attackers before they reach the border. Every enemy killed will bring you fortune and glory. But every enemy that slips past you will pillage your city and kill your kinsfolk! Show these brutal raiders what someone with really big stones is capable of. Ready, aim, FIRE!Tap the screen to fire, and watch your enemies get blasted into the air as you hurl exploding stones at waves of orcs, dwarves, dragons, tanks, ogres, zeppelins, yak-riders, mech giants, and many other fiendish attackers!Features:- Purchase catapult upgrades for a variety of improved abilities, including “curve”– where tilting your iPod or iPhone will curve your shots in mid-air!- Battle a variety of different enemy types with unique special abilities- Defeat enemy boss units while avoiding their devastating attacks.- Play 10 on Normal Mode- Let our fully-orchestrated score inspire the epic destruction you will unleash upon your enemies. – Submit your high scores online to compete for the highest ranking.**HINTS**-Direct hits inflict extra damage and award extra points-Extra lives give bonus points at the completion of the game-Having a hard time targeting? Try the alternate targeting method found in the pause menu or options screen. Drag to move the target to where you want, then fire with a tap!Go to http://www.sagacatapult.com for hints, forums, updates and more!

Website: http://www.sagacatapult.com
Support Website: http://www.sagacatapult.com

Download from AppStore: here

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