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Hero Defense

Category: Games
Price: $0.99

Launch Special
– Get Hero Defense for half price!For three thousand years the dwarfs have dwelt in their subterranean passages, assembling their armies and plotting their assault on the peaceful villagers of the surface world. As the last line of defense for your people, you must use strength, speed, and magic to repel the oncoming hordes before they reduce your castle to rubble!Fight through 80 intense rounds of pure dwarfen fury. Advance your hero through 50 levels to become the ultimate champion. Unlock new abilities and game modes through a revolutionary achievement system.CreditsArt/Design
– Kevin Cook Programmer
– Caleb Lipnicki, meerkata.comAudio
– Nathan Madsen, madsenstudios.comSplash Artwork
– Dave Kang, daveisblue.comFuture updates include additional maps, heroes, and game modes!

Website: http://www.brilliantworlds.net
Support Website: http://www.brilliantworlds.net

Download from AppStore: here

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