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Good Shopper -Lite-

Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free

買東西能手 Explanation of application: For example, when you wanted to have bought toilet paper, was the amount of the content to say nothing of the price 6 rolls and 8 rolls, etc. more various, and had not it embarrassed it, saying that “For me, it might be the best to buy any on earth”? The unit price comparison calculation function can compare commodities up to five goods or less. When the input of merchandise information that you want to compare ends, the sort of the ascending order and the descending order is possible. Moreover, the discount calculation function is provided, too. This function might be useful very much for the calculation of the discount commodity. The operation is easy and calculation result is also quite obvious. Function: -When you input the price (Maximum Input: 999,999.99) and the net weight (Maximum Input: 9,999.999), “Unit price” is displayed. -Commodities can be compared up to five goods. -It is possible to permute it in the ascending order and the descending order. -When you input the price (Maximum Input: 999,999.99) and the discount rate (Maximum Input: 100), “Discounted price” and “Discounted amount of money” are displayed. #Please see the support page about a detailed operation etc.

Website: http://www.it-sol.jp/blog/
Support Website: http://www.it-sol.jp/blog/

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