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Desert Eagle 3D

Category: Entertainment
Price: $1.99

From the makers of AAA GUN CLUB comes the most powerful and revered handgun (or should we say “hand cannon”) of all time – the Desert Eagle .50AE, in complete interactive 3D!Modeled in exact detail, this Desert Eagle hand gun is most fully realized interactive 3D simulation bar none. Control every element of this awesome handgun, from flicking the safety, right through to watching a round explode from the barrel in slow-motion (bullet time).This is the most comprehensive, interactive 3D gun ever produced for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Features include:> Full 3D control – interact with the Deagle from all angles> Interactive slide control & release> Fully functional safety switch and mag release> Muzzle flash & smoke> Shell discharge (full and empty)> Authentic Deagle sound effects for every action> Zoom in and out any anytime (even while firing)> Auto orbit around the gun (while remaining fully interactive)> Titanium and ultra-rare GOLD Desert Eagles included> Positional 3D audio (hear the shells bounce in 3D space)> Unlimited ammunition mode> Bullet time
– watch as the Deagle fires off rounds, in slow motion! No need to worry about blinking in this mode – catch every tiny detail, from any viewing angle you like! The Desert Eagle .50AE on your iPhone & iPod Touch – ’nuff said.For more information & video, visit www.thebinarymill.com/deagle3D/

Website: http://www.thebinarymill.com/deagle3d/
Support Website: http://www.thebinarymill.com/deagle3d/

Download from AppStore: here

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