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Annie’s Wild Shot Lite

Category: Games
Price: Free

Tecmo presents “Annie’s Wild Shot Lite”, a new shooting game for iPhone and iPod touch!The tomboy heroine Annie has the time of her life taking down the outlaws in this 2D shoot-’em-up!Could she be the long-lost descendant of a legendary sharpshooter who once blasted 6 holes in a flying card in the blink of an eye?! She’s got the name and the guns, but do you have the skills?Take full advantage of the touch features of the iPhone and iPod touch to shoot down a constant stream of outlaws one after another. You can also cause a little mayhem of your own by shooting windows, wagons and more. And if an enemy pops up off-screen, just turn the iPhone or iPod touch left or right to scroll the screen and take ’em out!
*You can change the game settings to play without tilting, so you don’t have to worry about moving around. Play anytime anywhere!
You must experience high excitement from facing a bunch of enemies alone and a variety of unique actions using the touch operations!

Website: http://ip.tecmo.jp/cgi-bin/ip/index.cgi
Support Website: http://ip.tecmo.jp/cgi-bin/ip/index.cgi

Download from AppStore: here

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