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Welcome to the Wubbles Classroom!!Grab the bubbles from the board with your finger, and slide them onto the apples to make a word. Its simple!Wubbles is more than your typical word game. Wubbles works your mind as you track the bubbles bouncing around on the screen. And it challenges you to grab the bubbles and make words. Expand your vocabulary. Word sizes of 2 to 9 characters mean that you can take it as easy as you want, or make it as difficult as you need.Master each level as you exercise your brain.Increase the speed to test your hand eye coordination.Some great features in this version:- SPEED CONTROL helps you control the pace- HELP is available if you are stumped!- RECYCLE BIN in case you’ve dropped the wrong character on to the apples, or just want to make space on the board- HIGH SCORES to keep track and to beat your own records- RESUME GAME option if you are interrupted.- SOWPODS word lists contain thousands of words. You’ll never run out of challenges.If you are a Scrabble(c) fan, you’ll love this game.

Website: http://wubbleswordplay.wordpress.com/
Support Website: http://wubbleswordplay.wordpress.com/

Download from AppStore: here

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