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Negotia Lite

Category: Business
Price: Free

No tool like this in the App Store. Negotia is a tool to help you prepare and execute negotiation cases. With Negotia you will be able to describe: – The offer of your negotiation- The negotiable and no negotiable items – Concessions- Threats, risks, coincidences- Third party interventionAlso the tool will let you rate each item as In Favor, Neutral, or Against your goal in the negotiation. Negotia will help you in any type of negotiation: spouse, kids, partner, sales, hiring or the contract of your life. Negotia Lite is limited to one negotiation case. You can delete it and use the App again… but we will appreciate your support buying the Negotia full version.

Website: http://www.happindex.com/negotia
Support Website: http://www.happindex.com/negotia

Download from AppStore: here

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