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By the same company that produced “Print & Share”,featured in the Apple “Office” iPhone commercialRequired to be rated 17 because it has a browserDocPrinter is the best solution for browsing your iDisk/WebDAV/Mac/PC filesand printing, viewing or emailing them direct from the server.Store files on your iPhone iPod for viewing later and emailing or printingwhen you need to.FULLY FUNCTIONAL PRINTING- Print via your Mac/PC using WiFi or remotely via 3G/EDGE or email- Print all the same document formats as your Mac/PCWIFI HARD DRIVE- Mount your iPhone/iPod as a network disk on your Mac/PC- Drag and drop documents & files to/from your iPhone/iPod- Open, view & send documents and files while away from your Mac/PC DOCUMENTS ON YOUR IPHONE/IPOD- View/Print Office 2007, XP, 2003 & 2008 files- View/Print iWork Pages & Numbers files- Zip/Unzip files directly on your iPhone/iPod- View files (doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, txt, html, pdf & more)in portrait, landscape and full screen mode- Playback iPhone supported audio and video files- Edit and print text documents- File sharing with several Macs and PCs, even remotely- Password protect file folders on your iPhone/iPodIDISK & WEBDAV- Browse your iDisk/WebDAV/Mac/PC Disk, select and print/email documents.- Move/Print documents on your iPhone/iPod from your iDisk (MobileMe)or WebDAV account (e.g. box.net)- Move files to/from your iPhone/iPod by connecting to iDisk/WebDAV/Mac/PCSEND DOCUMENTS/IMAGES VIA EMAIL- Email files, photos, web pages and formatted messages- Send emails from your own email accounts- Attach multiple files and images to new emails, not just links- Format text and insert images/contact info into emails- Built in multi language spell checker and word suggestionsIf you want to download and print emails as well as all of these features,check out our other product “Print n Share”WEB BROWSER WITH PRINTING- Print web pages as you are browsing- Send web pages as email attachments- Full screen browsing view- Save web pages as files for printing or viewing later- Add bookmarks or import bookmarks from your PC or Mac browserPRINT/VIEW PHOTOS- Select and print multiple photos from your album- Use the camera to take photos and print straight away- Save photos as files for viewing or emailing- Move photos to a folder on your computer/iDisk & WevDav- Email photos as attachments or embedded in messages- Select print orientation and size before printingPRINT CONTACTS- Select single or multiple contacts for printing- Print as combined list, card or custom layout- Print address & shipping labels- Insert contact details into emailsCOMPATIBILITY- iPhone or iPod Touch OS 2.1 or later- Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 or Windows 7/XP/VistaWhen you travel, you can put the print desktop software ona USB stick to use on other computers.Contact the 24hr helpdesk for any questions or supporthttp://mobile.eurosmartz.com/print/contact.htmlNote: In order to print, the free WePrint desktop/laptophelper application needs to be installed on your Mac/PC.A network connection is also required.

Website: http://mobile.eurosmartz.com/print/products/docprinter_products.html
Support Website: http://mobile.eurosmartz.com/print/products/docprinter_products.html

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