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Pagephlix Pro – Netflix Queue Manager

Category: Entertainment
Price: $2.99

Netflix Queue Manager: – Add, modify and remove movies from your queue – View DVD and Instant queue – View and rate recent movies – Customizable search (filter for Instant or Blu-ray only) – Browse movies by categories – See Netflix recommendation for you – Send a movie recommendation to a friend******************************************************Thank you for helping Pageonce Apps reach half a million downloads!Try us today.****************************************************** And many great features: – Flip device upside down to move instantly to the button of a list – Manage multiple Netflix profiles and accounts – Swipe a movie in the ‘For You’ to indicate your are not interested – Search for similar movies from any other movie details – Availability date in search results and recommendation for you – Customized start up screen – See your predicted ratings in every details view – Conveniently rate any movie from the details view

Website: http://www.pageonce.com
Support Website: http://www.pageonce.com

Download from AppStore: here

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