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Backyard Zoo Wildlife

Category: Games
Price: $0.99

Welcome to Backyard Zoo Wildlife GameThe Backyard Zoo Wildlife was inspired by the love of the outdoors and animal wildlife around the world. This iPhone game was developed for preschool kids in mind; however, anyone can play and enjoy the images of animals and birds with their sound effects.The concept of the game is to test your memory by tapping on the question mark tiles to flip them and to decide where the other matching tile’s location. If the picture tile matches, it sounds the animal or bird sound and does a simple animation. To mix the picture tiles and retrieve more new animals and birds and sounds, press the Shuffle button or left bottom buttonThe animal and bird names can be displayed in six languages from:- English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.Finally, you can hear the animal sounds again by tapping the matched picture tiles making animal music.Listen to sounds of various Wildlife animals likeWater BuffaloFlamingoCape FoxCheetahElephantLeopardChimpanzeeWarthog, and more by pressing the Shuffle button or bottom left button.I hope you enjoy playing this memory game.Note: Other Backyard Games** Backyard Zoo Farmland – similar to this game** Backyard Zoo AfricaThank you!

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