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Dr Memory Matrix

Category: Education
Price: $0.99

Can you spot and remember a picture? Are you always struggling to remember where your stuff is? Try Dr Memory Matrix. If you have a problem to remember number, color or shape, try Dr Memory Number, Dr Memory Color, or Dr Memory Shape.Dr Memory Matrix is designed to train your memory to recall locations and patterns. It is especially helpful in improving the short-term memory, and developing a photographic memory.To improve your memory, you need motivation and making memory training as your daily habit (5 to 10 minutes a day). Dr Memory only takes a few minutes to play. The training is simple, but effective.Dr Memory provides a detailed feedback of your training including accuracy, total correct, time taken and average memorization time.HOW TO:- Do your best to remember the colored pattern shown on screen.- Click “Memorized” when you’ve remembered the pattern.- Tap the correct block.

Website: http://www.nxbit.com
Support Website: http://www.nxbit.com

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