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Category: Business
Price: $6.99

This is application showing video(contents)of PDFfile saved in theapplication on TV or projector by using TV-OUT function of iPhone.Functions of expanding, shrinking, and moving pages even while displaying on the experior display devices such as TV or projector.For additional function, supports mirror-mode that reverses the right and left of the images. (This function is more effective when using Rearprojection Screen)Features1. TV-OUT displays the images(contents) of the PDF file on the exterior display devices such as television or projector. expands or reduces the page even while displaying the images on the exterior display devices. mirror-mode: reverses the right and left of the image2. saving and removing data it is able to save data inside the iPhone through Web browser. ( Explore, Safari, Firefox..) * Supports user-authenticating function through password confirmation.3. File viewer on iPhone4. indicating mirror-mode of documents5. removing file on the iPhone possible6. managing files classified by foldersMethods for using application1. connect to WiFi( use the same network in both iPhone and PC)2. start Prockepre.3. Press the connect button.4. Appears IP adress for connecting iPhone.5. Put in the data(IP adress) displayed in the iPhone on the browser and connect iPhone.6.Upload the file according to the messages appearing on the browser. (When file is uploaded, the icon and name of the file on iPhone is displayed)7. When chooses the file to be displayed, it is displayed on the iPhone screen or connected exterior display deviceSupported format1. PDF( PDF/A encouraged)2.image tiff,jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,bmpf,ico,cur,xbm※How to write PDFWriting tool encouraged: Google DocsThere are some cases that background color doesn’t appear or appears black and white in the case of documents written by OpenOffice or Microsoft Office (presenting tools excluded).

Website: http://www.nsoftmobile.com
Support Website: http://www.nsoftmobile.com

Download from AppStore: here

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