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Actually this application is the only reason why you may take your iPhone into the bathroom… Shake the iPhone to play the sound, press the button or define an interval or specify the time of day. The sound file imitates the sound of a flush lavatory. Named after Otohime (pronounced „oto-hee-may“), the daughter of the Japanese sea god Ruyjin, the application can predominate embarrising noises. In many bathrooms the „Sound princess“ is part of the standard equipment.PROPERTIES:Due to flexible timer functions this application can also be used to remind you of periodical cigarette breaks or other necessary business. Adjust the timer as desired and press the „Play“ button. The rotating spinner in the status bar reminds you that the timer is running. By shaking the iPhone or pressing the „Play“ button in neutral position you can play the sound immediately.SPECIALS:The timer works even if the iPhone is in stand-by mode and not connected to a computer or a power supply. This is rather tricky…TIMER FUNCTIONS:– „in HH:MM:SS“: Plays in x hours, x minutes and x seconds.– „every HH:MM:SS“: Plays every x hours, x minutes and x seconds.– „for HH:MM:SS“: Plays for x hours, x minutes and x seconds.– „at HH:MM:SS“: Plays the sound at a given time of day.VERSION 1.0 (2009-07-04):– First release.

Website: http://www.ivo-wessel.de
Support Website: http://www.ivo-wessel.de

Download from AppStore: here

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