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LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR A SHORT TIME!It’s been scientifically proven that the human brain can only track eight moving objects at once. Let’s just put that to the test shall we. With the hand eye coordinating game Aneurysm.Aneurysm is a fun addictive puzzle game, that continuously changes right before your very eyes. The way to play is quite simple. Just place your finger on the blue orb. Move the blue orb around as to avoid getting hit by the other color changing orbs that are bouncing around. See how many orbs you can avoid before being hit. Are you up for the challenge?You’ll be amazed how addictive this game is.If your orb gets hit,not to worry. You’ll have an option that pops up to get to a point in the game before it got hit below on the screen. You’ll be able to do this by moving backwards in time a couple of seconds before you got hit to resume the game. This is my first game. If you have any suggestions to add, by all means let me know at aneurysmgame@yahoo.comIf you like puzzle games like Trism, Bejeweled , Tetris, Jewel Quest, Enigmo, Blocked, you’ll definetily fall in love with Aneurysm!

Website: http://myspace.com/aneurysmgame
Support Website: http://myspace.com/aneurysmgame

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