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ALC Grammar Training for the TOEIC(R) Test

Category: Education
Price: $12.99

It connects directly with the score. Equipped with 1540 questions + mini mock examPopular TOEIC(R) measures software became iPhone application program with the Nintendo DS. It is recommended to aim at the score improvement of “Reading section” of TOEIC also in wanting the of course renewal Training with this software will lead directly to an improvement in your score. It contains 1540 questions and pretests for the TOEIC test. The popular Nintendo DS software “ALC Grammar Training for the TOEIC(R) Test” has become an iPhone application. It is recommended for those aiming to improve both their score in the “Reading section” of the TOEIC test and their understanding of the fundamentals of English grammar.■Training in three menus.1. In Grammar Training, you can train with questions that tend to regularly appear in the TOEIC test!Using this menu, you can strengthen your ability by reviewing grammatical items that often come up in the TOEIC test. After reading the grammatical explanations, try to answer the questions!2. In Speed-Reading Training, you can train to speed-read to prevent running out of time in the TOEIC test!In this menu, you can practice reading sentences so that you understand them without having to read them again. Reading long sentences in a short time is an important skill.3. In Vocabulary Training, you can memorize 550 important words for the TOEIC test!This menu is good for improving your vocabulary, because it includes 550 important words that often come up in the TOEIC test and other words related to them. You can evaluate your comprehension of each respective word in three stages. If you mark the words that you can’t memorize, it is convenient for reviewing later.■Check your score in pretests.You can practice by doing pretests of the TOEIC test. Check your score transition in a graph, and confirm the improvement in your ability! It will encourage you to keep studying.

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