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Category: Productivity
Price: $1.99

IHandiStore is a handy way to keep track of your business, even on the go. Though it is powerful enough for any use, it was designed for people who sell at work, parties, at booths and more. It is very flexible and can be as easy or complex as you want it to be.Features This version of IHandiStore includes a planner. Quick and easy and the main screen displays the persons name, date and a colorful icons that shows the type of contact. This version of IHandiStore also includes Quick Look. See your sales month to date and year to date, see how many unpaid orders you have, undelivered orders, inventory and more. Sales and credits – from this section you can create sales or credits. You can use people from you contact list or enter a name. You can select from inventory or just enter an item. If you select from inventory it will automatically bring in the price and adjust the inventory. Press a button and you get contact information. Main screen shows colorful paid and unpaid icons. The deliveries screen displays the orders that have not been delivered or shipped. From the main screen you get a quick glance of order number, customer, item and quantity. You can also get contact information with the press of a button. Here you enter a date of delivery and the item comes off the list. The inventory section is 3 things in one, inventory, low inventory and receipts. This section is optional but if used right it could be a great time saver for anyone. You can create items and include item number, item description, quantity on hand, minimum quantity. The instructions can be down loaded from my website.,If your wondering if this is the right product for you, down load the instructions manual for further details.Email me any suggestions you have for improving this app

Website: http://www.alwaysconnectedsoftware.net
Support Website: http://www.alwaysconnectedsoftware.net

Download from AppStore: here

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