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Sales Control

Category: Business
Price: $4.99

Sales Control is not just a Point of Sales. It’s much more !Don’t waste your TIME and MONEY printing catalogs, price lists, reports, etc for your business. Access your customers, products, services, orders, place orders on the go and much more.What does it do?Sales Control, at its maximum capacity, will allow its users to set up a mobile and extremely functional tool that will facilitate the service-providing experience between users and their customers. Functions include setting up of catalogs, price lists, inventories, live ordering, up-to-date and historic sales reports, data import/export and much more. The application is designed as a multi-version application. This means that different versions are available to customers depending on their needs.For each user’s eyes onlyThe Sales Control application is designed with the entrepreneur in mind. The goal is to offer a high-end solution to the start-up, small and medium size business in order to compete with the “big guys” in the market. With this in mind, we know that security, confidentiality and accountability are key to the success of your business. The application is designed so that each individual user is assigned a user name and password in order to protect your business.Tailored to meet your and your business’ needsWe realize that the needs vary depending on the size and objectives of the enterprise. Thus, the designers have strived to make it as multifaceted as possible. The last thing we want is to add confusion and unnecessary hurdles to our users’ day-to-day.ScalabilityJust like any other database or program which generates reports, statistics, calculations, etc, the product at hand must been tested time and time again in a myriad of situations in order to ensure its successful functioning. We also realize that technology is constantly evolving just as are the needs of our users. We welcome comments and suggestions and will respond and implement –to the extent possible- new and improved functionalities. This is just the beginning… we are constantly looking to integrate new and more user friendly ideas and we look forward to becoming a steady partner for your and your business.Sales Control Lite is a limited version already available, created as demonstration for users who wants to see it working at its basis before paying for other versions. For more information about this, please visit as at CraftyApps.com

Website: http://www.craftyapps.com/
Support Website: http://www.craftyapps.com/

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