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Laugh Bag

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Who wouldn’t remember the hilarious Laugh Bag, a children’s hit form the 70’s and 80’s?Now you can have your very own Laugh Bag in your iPhone/iPod Touch.The new Laugh Bag can be activated by touching the screen or by a preset timer.You just have to set the desired timer, from 5 seconds to 10 minutes and, when the time ends up, an addictive laugh will play and spread throughout the room. Works best in an iPhone configured for hands free operation or with the device connected to a stereo.You can also trigger the laughs by touching the screen!There are several professionally recorded laughs picked randomly!- Addictively funny!- Nostalgic!- Randomly picked laughs.- Touch triggered- Timer triggered

Website: http://www.mboigames.com/?p=15
Support Website: http://www.mboigames.com/?p=15

Download from AppStore: here

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