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EasyLoan by TiismoApps

Category: Finance
Price: $1.99

EasyLoan is a simple loan calculator. Given amount, rate and term, it will calculate the monthly payment. But EasyLoan is much more…Calculate ANY of the four variables of the loan equation depending on the other three. Simply tap on the label of the variable, the value of which you want to calculate, and the calculation mode will change instantly.Why would you need four modes? To answer the following questions:- How much will I need to pay per month? Use Payment mode.- How long will I have to pay? Use Duration mode.- What can I afford? Use Amount mode.- What’s the true rate? Use Rate mode subtracting all fees and other costs from the amount.Move the sliders and see the calculated values update in real time. The sliders are designed for high velocity. Tapping a slider lets you fine adjust the value. (Of course, you can use the conventional key pad, too.)Features:- Live update of calculated values- Four calculation modes – Smooth and functional user interface- Sliders with fine adjust functionality- Remembers values across sessions- Handles yearly and nominal ratesVisit www.tiismoapps.com/EasyLoan/English.html for additional info.

Website: http://www.tiismoapps.com/EasyLoan/English.html
Support Website: http://www.tiismoapps.com/EasyLoan/English.html

Download from AppStore: here

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