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Pocket Kop – Liverpool FC Fans Soundboard

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Recreate the sound of the famous Kop stand and its fans at Liverpool F.C. right in your hand, or even better, hooked up to a docking device/amplifier! While you’re there, relive some classic memories with the image pop-up option (a random image will appear each time you press a sound button).Classic fan chants, both new and old, with the ability to ‘mix’ them – while one is playing, press another and they’ll both play at the same time (just like when the Anny Rd. end tries to drown out the Kop ;-)New chants will be added as and when we get them, and released in updates (as will other images). If you have any requests then just let us know! (yes, we know Poor Scouser Tommy is missing, but we’ll have to sample it next season unless someone donates one before then!).A must have for iPhone/iPod touch owning LFC fans!!

Website: http://www.miApplications.co.uk
Support Website: http://www.miApplications.co.uk

Download from AppStore: here

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