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Tweeti Pi

Category: Education
Price: $0.99

Calling all Geeks, Nerds, Matheletes and Brianiacs!!! Tweeti Pi allows you to test your knowledge of Pi’s decimal places, and then tweet your score on Twitter using the exclusive Tweeti_pi username. This means that you can compete against other memory maniacs across Twitter’s worldwide network! Tweeti Pi will keep a record of the best score accomplished since Tweeti Pi was installed, so you can just compete against yourself if you’re not feeling sociable.However, if you manage to recite more than 5000 decimal places of Pi, a special message will be broadcast to all other followers of Tweeti_pi on Twitter. Geektastic!Remember – the Tweeti_pi username is exclusive to the Tweeti Pi app, so you know that all the messages tweeted under this username are guaranteed to be using the Tweeti Pi app just like you!Instructions for using Tweeti Pi:1) Go to www.twitter.com and register (if you haven’t already).2) Log in to your Twitter account and follow tweeti_pi so that you can see how others are doing in their quest to recite 5000 decimal places of Pi.3) Start the Tweet Pi app on your iphone, enter you name and your Twitter username, and them start reciting as many decimal places of Pi as you can muster.4) When you run out of chances (you get 3), Tweeti Pi will offer you the chance to Tweet your result so TWEET IT!

Website: http://web.me.com/andrew.bruce/AppSnaps/Tweeti_Pi.html
Support Website: http://web.me.com/andrew.bruce/AppSnaps/Tweeti_Pi.html

Download from AppStore: here

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