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Category: Games
Price: $2.99

rideNgiveRide, you crazy monkey! rideNgive, a 3D racing game with more than 12 levels, and three modes. Plus, a series of challenging mini-games to share your “activator points” with others. It’s not how much you can win. It’s how much can you share?PLAYrideNgive is the second in a series of socially conscious games from playNgive(TM) combining strategy, action and social action. Ride through more than 12 levels. See how many targets you can jump and touch, but watch out for the traffic cones — throw bananas to clear out the road.GIVEGive your “activator points” away by playing a variety of mini-games: action games within a game, beat the clock to see how many “activator points” you can share by testing your skill and reflexes.SHAREShare your fun earned “activator points” with others by logging into playNgive.com© playNgive, LLC.playNgive is a social mobile and online games network connecting people and charitable organizations. Our company is built with the mission to provide a fun way of raising awareness of important charitable programs through the art of game play and social action through “activators™”.

Website: http://www.playngive.com
Support Website: http://www.playngive.com

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