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Category: Education
Price: $9.99

Explore the anatomy of the human body as if you were a dissector in an anatomy laboratory.AnatomyLab is the ideal software for the student of human anatomy, the medical professional, or, for that matter, anyone interested in the structure of their body. While there are many products that allow you to study drawings of the human body, there are very few that allow you to follow the dissection process of an actual human body and explore the amazing structure of the human form with beautiful, clear photographic images. Now with the power of the amazing iPhone and iPod touch technology you can study human anatomy like never before. AnatomyLab allows you to progress through numerous levels of dissection while labeling and studying the different anatomical structures. Easily rotate the cadaver into multiple views and zoom in or out to more clearly understand the relationships of any structure you are studying. Each of the structures that you can label is accompanied by text describing its structure and function. A search engine allows you to easily find any structure in the body and rapidly have an optimal view of it on the cadaver.The goal of AnatomyLab is to inform and teach people about the wonderful machine called the human body. This is an outstanding study resource for students of human anatomy and an informative knowledge source for anyone interested in their body.

Website: http://www.anatomylab.com/iphone
Support Website: http://www.anatomylab.com/iphone

Download from AppStore: here

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