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Category: Entertainment
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Randomize everything in your life with RandomLife- Have you ever been in a situation where you and your friends don’t know which Movie to watch? – Have you ever been in a situation where you want to pick teams for any game randomly? – Or let us say which player to start the game? – Have you ever wanted to pick something or someone randomly? For example: Who should clean today? Or perhaps you can use it for fun and check who is today’s Moron? Who is the smartest ?let the matter of picking and choosing to Randomlife.no more flipping a coin to decide anything, you can even random your selection between “Yes I should do It” and “No, forget about it I’m not doing it”With RandomLife, you can create your own lists and just randomize the items on a given list.In the free version you cannot:- Add more than 2 lists- Choose the number of items to pick randomly (only 1 item will be picked randomly)- You cannot disable the animation while randomizing.Everyday, we do (or need to) pick something randomly. Just keep this matter to RandomLife..Get “RandomLife” full to get all the features.

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