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Disconnected – Telemarketers

Category: Utilities
Price: Free

GET RID OF TELEMARKETERS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!I Have developed the most simple application to terminate those calls ONCE AND FOR ALL!!Do you still have a land line? Does the “National Do Not Call List” not work for you? Are you annoyed by telemarketers calling all the time, day and night, always trying to sell you something you don’t NEED or WANT? How many times have you been called and it’s a scam?HERE’S THE SOLUTION: The application “Disconnected.”When your land line caller ID shows one of those “unidentified” numbers, just push the application and hold it up to the phone. It will tell those telemarketers that your phone has been disconnected. This is a simple application, just push the icon and go. The sound is looped so it will play disconnected until you know they are gone.***But wait…..there’s more!! If you are getting those annoying calls on your iPhone just set the iPhone to speaker, press the home button and launch the application. No more telemarketers on your iPhone.GET OFF THEIR LIST FOREVER!!I built this application out of a need. It works, and our house is peaceful once again.TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!!!Sincerely,The totally frustrated!!P.S.Comments are welcomed….it took me about one month to get the telemarketers off my list (I must have been on everyones list). I keep hoping more are out there. I’m sure around the holidays some will come “out of the woodwork” and I am looking forward to the most quiet holiday season ever!!

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